Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bike Modifications

A bike design that has not changed since 1996 and as the saying goes; “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” or something of that nature. Those Japanese designers knew what they were doing when they designed this bike. Little can be said for their idea of a comfortable seat and if you either own a DR650 or ridden one, you would know that the most you could do was about 200km or less without having to stop to stretch those glutes.

Upgrading the seat was a must for comfort and then there was the other comfort items like heated grips, power for heated jacket, windscreen and then there was those necessity items in terms of protection, luggage space and the list goes one. Once you start playing with the bike, one modification leads to another and another .......

Key: Daryll's DR = D / Angela's DR = A
Safari 30L gas tank - D
IMS 18L gas tank - A
Superbrace fork brace - D
In-line fuel filters - D/A
Oxford Heated grips - D/A
Protaper handlebars - D
Rox bar risers - A
Cycra hand guards - D
Acerbis hand guards - A
RAM mount with Touratech GPS mount - D
Power outlet to charge camera & laptop - D
Power outlet at rear of bike for air compressor - D/A
Datel voltmeter - D/A
Kouba mirror extensions - D
National Cycle windshield - D
Cee Baileys windshield - A
Renazco Racing custom seat - D
Sargent Cycles aftermarket low seat - A
Pat Walsh Designs rear rack - D
Suzuki rear rack - A
Pelican 1500 attached to rear rack - D
Moose Racing skid plate - D/A
Snorkel removed from air box - D/A
Secondary air filter - D/A
Twin Air air filter - D/A
Magnetic oil drain plug - D/A
Centech fuse block - D/A
Ignition, Clutch & Oil filter guards - D/A
NSU switch safety wired - D/A
Rear master cylinder guard - D/A
Neoprene seal savers - D
DRZ 250 Brake light mod - D/A
LED flashing brake lights - D/A
License plate mod with LED tail light - D/A
Buell flex rear turn signals - A
Bikeviz LED marker lights - D/A
On/Off toggle switch for head light - D/A
Happy Trails SU racks - D/A
Happy Trails Teton pannier system - D/A
Factory lowered link - A
Shorter side stand - D/A
Elka rear suspension - D/A
Heavier fork springs - D
Wolfman Rainier tank bag - D
Wolfman fender bag - D/A
Aerostich tank panniers - A
Upper chain roller removed - D/A
Rear storage canister - D/A
Larger foot pegs - D/A
Touratech 2L oil jug + mount - D
Touratech MSR canister mount - A
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  1. Hi! I met you guys very briefly in Durban this morning and admire your quest for adventure!
    I pray that you will have a safe trip and enjoy our wonderful country
    best regards
    Lionel (KLR man that took some photo's)

  2. Thanks for reading and posting Lionel! All the best to you and happy riding.
    Angela & Daryll

  3. Hi I met up with guys in Kasane in the campsite. hope you have a safe and super journey and wish you well, send regards to Dom


    I will send some photo's