Monday, April 13, 2009

A Crazy Idea!

Angela writes:
We decided to pursue our adventure motorcycle journey during our daily commute on the morning of June 14, 2007. To a fly on the wall, the conversation would appear as a whimsical distraction from our 9-5 reality however, we knew that the process by which we had come to this conclusion was solid.

At the time Daryll was gearing up for his first motorcycle adventure to Alaska. I was planning our future trip to India but became discouraged about squeezing in the best of the country on a 3 week vacation. It was a period of time for analyzing our short and long term goals prompted by the fact that the tenants living in our house had given their notice. As a couple, our shared direction was coming into clear focus as we completed lists of individual 101 life goals and collectively realized our desires centered on traveling the world.

That day at work it was hard to concentrate, especially with Daryll sending emails every few hours containing websites to help plan our adventure. Although excited, I cautiously waited for a wave of fear or regret which has never materialized. Today it is with calm and focused resolve that Daryll and I have set our plans in motion.
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