Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One Year & Counting...

Now that we have less than a year to go, it makes things a lot more realistic than when we originally started to plan and were 3 years out from our departure date. We’ve been able to cross off many items on our checklist; however we still have a few important ones to address over the next 12 months.

In terms of the bikes, much of the work/modifications have been completed. The only outstanding item to deal with is to replace the front springs on the forks, with springs that have a heaver spring rate and with heavier fork oil and upgrade the rear shock. Rear shocks for both bikes are on order, so a few winter projects.

We met with our investment consultant this weekend to review how are investments have been doing and to figure out how we can still keep money invested and have her make funds available to us every 6 months or so. The outcome was better than anticipated and we have started to recover some of the money that we had lost in the global meltdown. Worst case is that we would break even based on our investment - so a lot better than expected.

We will be doing this!
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