Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sleepy San Juan del Sur

Daryll writes:

After leaving Granada still high on adrenaline, we made the short ride to San Juan del Sur, a  sleepy beach town on the Pacific Coast.  It was a relatively easy ride and  we arrived at our destination around 10:30am; the earliest we’ve ever been at a destination, so took the time to shop around for a cheap hostel that also had secure parking.  English is commonly heard on the streets as it is home to several ex-pats that either run business’s or have vacation homes here – rough life.  The beach-front is littered with bar’s and restaurants that offer a spectacular view of the bay. 

 We decided to spend 2 days here and plan our route through Costa Rica and it so happens, we may just end up having to ride through San Jose, yet another capital city.  We might hit a record.  Prior to arriving in Nicaragua, I had this preconceived notion that it was going to be infested with drug lords, that it would be an extremely dangerous country and the people won’t be friendly towards tourists.  To the contrary, Nicaragua has blown me away.  It is by far one of the safest country’s we have traveled through thus far and the people have been unbelievably friendly towards us.  Nicaragua has a lot to offer.  Tomorrow we are off for yet another border crossing. 

New photos added to the Nicaragua photo album.
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  1. Greg writes.. I wouldn't leave this beach for a while! looks fantastic. Enjoy your next border crossing. Greg and Jill

  2. Greg, Made it to another coastal town in C/R. Pretty amazing. Will get some pics up later this evening.

  3. Angela & Daryll

    Keep the pictures coming. Their the highlight of my day. When are you going to send the camping gear home?

    Ride Safe!

  4. Hey Daryl,
    We were planning on camping tonight; however it pissed with rain all day, so decided against it. Hopefully will camp in S.America and a lot in Africa. So yes, it is a pain caring the gear, but we will use it over the next few months.