Thursday, February 10, 2011

The End of the World

Daryll writes:

After leaving the dusty roads of Chile behind us, we were back in Argentina and on the paved Ruta 3 on the island of Tierra del Fuego and had about 200km to go before reaching Ushuaia, the southerly most city in the world.  The road literally ends here.  Riding to Ushuaia is one of the goals for many adventure bikers as it is as far as the road goes.

After spending several days seeing the same flat, dry pampa, we were very surprised as we were about 100km away from Ushuaia.  We climbed a bit, enough for it to get cold again and with snow capped peaks, half green forests and turquoise colored  lakes, our goal had come into view.  It seemed to be just a port town at first, however as we approached the towns Centro, it’s charm and character became evident.  Located alongside a calm bay and surrounded by snow capped mountains, we had reached the southerly most city in the world.  It had taken us 5 months and just over 25,000km.  We found a nice campsite overlooking the town and set-up camp knowing that we would be here for a few days to take it all in.

We rested for a day, before taking a short ride into the National Park of Teirra del Fuego to where the road ends.  We had learnt that it’s best to enter the park prior to 7am as there isn’t any guard on duty, and thus saving the $16 per person entry fee – we are on a budget you know.  So we were up at 5:30am and as we rode into the park, the sun started to rise and lit up the mountains surrounding the park.  We past one biker on his way out, as we got closer to the end of the road and the famous sign that is must do on every travelers list that comes here.

We spent some time both in the park and taking a ton of pictures, but it hadn’t really sunk in on where we had ridden and what we had accomplished.  We were excited on our achievement, but that’s as far as it had gone.  It was only after I made this short clip did the emotions kick in and me choking up as I watched it and Angela breaking down into tears.  We were really at “The End of the World”.

The End of the World from One World 2 Explore on Vimeo.

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  1. greg writes.. Just an amazing accomplishment guys! Well done! Jill and I are so proud of your adventure. ride safe! greg and jill :)

  2. Thanks so much guys for following and for your support. We're pretty happy campers right now :)

  3. Hey Guys - CONGRATULATIONS on having reached such an awesome milestone in your journey. Hope you are ready to shed off some layers and enjoy the sunshine and blue skies in SA. Ride safe....Sonitha

  4. Wooo Hooo! Your trip is so inspiring! Loved the video, too! Maybe you should video yourselves. Would be nice to hear your voices and see your excitement!

    Deana and Jim

  5. Hi Deana & Jim,
    Thank you for the continued support. Guess we are both camera shy.

  6. It's been 12 days now I think since your last blog entry. Hope everything is going well. I sound like your freakin mother! Lol But post something so we know you're ok :)

  7. Hey Leah!
    We're good! No worries! We are just riding some of the same roads that we did on the way down Argentina so there is less news to report. We always update our location on our Google map every couple days so if we've done that then all is good.
    Thanks for watching! Hope riding season is back in full force in BC.