Monday, November 2, 2009

Woof, Woof

Hello, my name is Echo and I am a 6 year old Golden Retriever. My parents have decided to go traveling on their motorcycles and unfortunately can not take me along on their trip. They have however promised that when they get back, they will be getting a sidecar for me to travel in. I am now in search of a warm, loving home for a year.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, this is when I was only 12 weeks old, I have grown since.

To aid in the decision making process, I have summarized my resume:-

  • Attended puppy socialization class
  • Attended obedience training class
  • Fully house trained
  • Eat twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening
  • I am very regular and poo once in the morning after I eat and then again once in the evening, after I eat
  • I love human company and love to be pet and cuddled
  • I am well behaved and not aggressive at all
  • I have experience being in the presence of toddlers and once we are used to each other, may lick him or her a bit
  • Even though I am 6, I still sleep with my parents on their bed; though I can sleep on the floor if needed
  • I prefer lying on the floor to watch TV as I am not allowed on the couch
  • Even though I will watch you eat, I prefer not to be fed scraps and like the odd dog bone treat now and then
  • When given larger dry dog bones, I tend to carry them around the house for a few months before getting into them and like to carry my bone to bed – don’t ask me why
  • I would have just turned 7 years when my parents leave and still do enjoy playing with soft toys, the larger the soft toy the better
  • I like to be walked, however have not taken to the jogging/running thing
  • I do love to swim over the summer and not very fussy whether it’s the ocean or a lake
  • I only play fetch in the water with a stick, and really not into playing fetch on land
  • I have all my shots
  • I do believe my parents will be leaving money with me so that I can buy my own food
  • Did I say I was cute too

I have added a few pictures of myself so you can see how cute and adorable I am. I can send more pictures if needed.



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  1. What a cute dog! Any luck finding a temporary place?

  2. Thanks Daveg! We've found a great temporary place for Echo. My mom (Angela's) is going to take care of her. Lots of land and other dogs to play with!