Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bike Choice

Smaller vs. a larger displacement bike, 1 bike vs. 2 bikes, BMW vs. KTM, Suzuki vs. Kawasaki and the list goes on. Choosing a bike wasn’t an easy task.

The new BMW F800GS was released almost at the same time we started having this dilemma and knew that it was more than capable for what we wanted. However this meant spending more $, or $ that we didn't have.

We also decided that Angela would learn how to ride, so the riding would be shared. Angela's first bike was a Yamaha XT225. I even loved this bike. It was super light and the best choice for her to learn and gain confidence in riding. Sadly, she quickly outgrew the bike and it was clear she needed something with my power if we were to ride together.

It was decision time, purchase another bike for Angela or purchase a bike that she would ride on our trip. After much research and many hours on the HUBB and ADV Rider, we settled on a new ’08 DR650 for Angela in the Spring of 2008. With a few minor tweaks (lowered front suspension, lowered link, shorter side stand & a lowered gel seat) Angela could comfortably touch the ground. The more I worked on her bike, the more confident I became that the DR650's could be our trusty steads for our trip. I picked up a used ’08 DR later that year and so happened to be the same color as Angela's (his & her's). I loved these bikes; it was much lighter and was way easier to maneuver in the dirt.

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