Monday, September 6, 2010

Beggars Can’t be Choosers… and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Stopped in a state park to dry out from the previous day’s rain.

Angela writes:
The people we’ve been meeting through Couch Surfing and ADV Rider have been incredibly amazing.We contact people via email a couple days before we arrive in their town and several have graciously agreed to host in their homes for a night or several days.  So far we’ve stayed in:

Port Angeles – Sherry & Terry
Ocean Park - Mike
Newport – Sev & Alyssa
Coos Bay – Daina
Trinidad – Carol
Arcata - Susan & Greg
Mendocino – David

I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am for their kindness, support and friendship. It is so rewarding to stay with people who are from the communities we are visiting and the information they offer about the road ahead is priceless.

We’ve been meeting lots of other people on the street as well. Most who are attracted to the massive gas tanks on our bikes and ask where we’re headed. We’ve begun speaking “America” as Daryll’s tank is 9 gallons (35 L) and mine is 6 gallons (23 L).  The thing that makes my stomach flip is when they exclaim “WOW you’ve come all the way from Canada!?!” and I think OMG we ain’t done nothin’ yet. As always, I’m encouraged by seeing other riders on the road and always try to give them a hardy wave.

Our bodies are getting used to riding everyday.  At the end of some days I am so tired I almost fall off my bike but the next morning I’m always ready to ride again and am comforted when settled onto my seat. My only complaint is a sore left thumb from all the signal light work I’ve done and Daryll says he needs a world class shoulder massage from Joey! In tax-free Oregon Daryll and I picked up a couple of helmet communicators to make it easier for us to discuss where and when to stop while on the road. At first I was hesitant to get them as I rather enjoy being alone in my helmet but after a few days of using them now, I can't imagine riding without them and I'm glad to have Daryll share my head space :)
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  1. Too bad you don't have the budget to take me along as your Registered Massage Therapist.

  2. Fantastic!! I'm so glad I have your link now, I'll be following you two all the way along. What an amazing adventure! And to think most of the excitement so far was at the cdn/usa border. Unreal!
    Keep posting, looking forward to more :)
    /Jennifer from Road Apples