Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smooth Sailing to Old Mazatlan

Angela writes:

Just wanted to let you know that our overnight ferry from La Paz to Mazatlan was not negatively affected by the tropical storm Georgette that passed over Baja on Sept 21. Yesterday we arrived at the ferry terminal the required 3 hours before our 8 pm sailing.  We were informed that because of the storm our sailing might be delayed or cancelled.  At 7:30pm we hurriedly boarded the ferry as a thunder and lightening storm started crashing overhead. This started freaking me out but I was quickly distracted by having to ride my motorcycle onto a 8 floor cruise ship, weaving around semi trucks and topes (huge Mexican speed bumps). The ship didn't actually leave port until about 9pm and by this time I was doped up on Gravol and my belly was full from the free meal that came with our tickets.  Needless to say I slept for most of the crossing which was seemingly uneventful. Thankfully no weather drama. I'm actually trying to Google what time Georgette actually went over La Paz and I think it was about 11pm.  Georgette headed north as we headed south.

Mazatlan is beautiful! We are staying in a hotel on the ocean in the old part of town. It has a very 1950s kind of feel to it and doesn't seem to be as ridiculously hot as Baja.We'll have more details later. I just wanted you to know that we did not end up at the bottom of the Pacific, in case you were worried :)
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  1. Hola!
    Happy to hear you made it safely and that it was relatively smooth. Amy and I will always remember our ride... Love reading about your adventures and there's a little, ok a lot, of jealousy. Look forward to hearing more of your incredible journey. Have fun in Mazatlan!
    Madeleine xo

  2. That's good that you made it safely. Enjoy the weather. I assume you have had no "Blackdog's" as well LOL. enjoy... Greg Porter

  3. What's a Blackdog? Our education ended at chicken juice (which we've experienced a lot) and TT's!!!

  4. Madeleine,
    I miss you and Amy lots and even more so now that we are here. I keep thinking "I wonder if they came here" where ever we go. I think one day we should all plan a trip back here together!

  5. wasn;t blackdog your danger word? lol...I was trying to remember what you had said it was so I took a guess.. LOL Greg Porter

  6. Just testing my new account out to see if it works.

  7. One month on the road. WHOOOOOO!

  8. Thanks Joey. We are in Aguascalientas, MX at the moment and have relatively quick internet connection, so currently uploading more pics onto our Mexico album and should have a blog update done by tomorrow as well.