Thursday, October 14, 2010

Devastation in Mexico

Daryll writes:

When we arrived in Mexico a few weeks ago, we had learnt that many of the towns on the Gulf Coast around the state of Veracruz were devastated with landslides and while we were in Aguascalientes, the state of Oaxaca got hit with storms and landslides which caused several roads to be closed.  We arrived in the state of Oaxaca a week after the devastation, and experienced it first hand.  We were very lucky that the roads that we took were even open.  We rode through some of the poorest countrysides I've seen since being in Mexico and it was heartbreaking to see the locals lost what little they had.

oneworld2explore - vid 2 from Daryll Naidu on Vimeo.
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  1. From Greg... wow great video Daryl. looks like some of the roads are a little rough. great job on the blog guys. ride safe. Greg and Jill

  2. what an adventure!! so jealous!! aya

  3. Ayo!
    It's about time. Glad that you got a chance to read and we should have another post up today.