Friday, October 1, 2010

My First Attempt!

Daryll writes:

With having some down time, I managed to edit the video clips I have been collecting along the way.  Note that this is my first attempt at editing, so there are lots of flaws and I still need some practice.  Hopefully I will get better at it as time goes and will make them shorter; so sorry to bore you with this long video.  I did try to add a soundtrack originally, however YouTube rejected the video as the soundtrack was copyrighted.  If anyone reading this knows how I can get around this and add soundtracks to the video clips, please let me know.

oneworld2explore - vid 1 from Daryll Naidu on Vimeo.

On another note, I wanted to send a huge shout-out to Jeff at Procycle.  I should have dealt with this before leaving home, but thought that I can work with the stock gearing on the bikes.  They end up being too tall for the DR's, which means it makes them really difficult to ride on rough terrain.  To fix this, one can drop down to a 14T front sprocket which will make the bike easier to handle in the rough stuff.  Jeff responded to my queries on a Sunday evening and shipped out the parts I needed by Monday to a friend of ours here in Mexico.  Thanks again Jeff for the fantastic service.
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  1. There is a couple ways to make music. If you have itunes you can right click on the song. This will bring up a menu. You can also set the start and finish time that you want to capture of the song. Then go to create an ACC version. This will make a copy of the song so that you can use it in your video and not have any problems. Note after you are done you can go back into the original song by right clicking and resetting the start and finish time so that it plays your original song.

    Love the shot of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  2. Hey guys, I also asked a guy at work who also does videos about your dilemma. He suggested using Vimeo over YouTube as it's way better for that kind of stuff. :D

  3. Thanks Colleen, Vimeo worked like a charm - so now you have to watch it again.